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A by Bom - Ultra Serum Leaf Mask


The Ultra Serum Leaf Mask is an hypoallergenicBemliesesheet mask infused with power of plant energy and concentrated serum essence.

Bemliese uses 100% cotton linter as raw material without any adhesive. It's the world's only regenerated cupro filament non-woven sheet that is naturally dissolvable.

This mask is infused with Korean Ginseng Berry Extract to improve skin elasticity, Apricot Kernel Oil to deeply nourish skin, Fig Fruit Extract to soften skin, andPomegranate Extract to repair and prevent skin cell damage.The highly concentrated plant energy serum essence effectively provides long lasting nourishment formoisturedepleted dull skin.

Single Sheet Mask: 30 ml
5 Sheet Mask Mask Box: 30 ml x 5

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